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What is Milled Flower used for?

February 15, 2023

When you’re grinding flower to pack a bong or vape, you may think to yourself: I wish someone would do this for me. 

Luckily, they can, and they will. 

Milled cannabis flower is a newer product in the wild world of legalized weed, but it’s a popular choice for people who know value when they see it. 

If you’re looking for an easier, cheaper way to consume dried flower — without sacrificing flavour or THC — milled flower is worth looking into.

What Is Milled Flower?

Milled flower just refers to dried cannabis flower that’s already been ground up. This is usually done by a hefty machine, which ensures an even grind. 

Milled flower is often sold in seven-gram packages, many times with hydration packs to keep it fresh and sticky for days. 

bits of cannabis on a table, including leaves and stems
Shake weed is typically lower quality that includes stems, seeds, etc. Milled flower, however, is regular ground cannabis from nugs.

Always make sure that your milled flower only uses the flower itself — not trim, shake, or sticks. Every brand sold by Friendly Stranger fits this description, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product every time.

What Is Milled Flower Used For?

Anywhere you can use regular ground flower, you can substitute milled flower. But it’s especially useful for a few different applications.

Rolling Joints

Joints are hard (it’s a serious skill). And people often forget that a crucial part of the process is grinding the dried flower down to even little bits. 

That’s where milled flower shines. Just dump it on top of your rolling paper and roll up. The even grind ensures that, with proper rolling technique, your joint won’t canoe or otherwise burn unevenly.

Making Infusions and Extractions

The same principle applies to making things like cannabis oil, tinctures, or canna-butter at home. 

a cast iron pan with butter and cannabis nugs inside
Milled flower is super convenient for making infused cannabis oil and butter.

An even, finely-ground milled flower will make sure you’re able to extract all the cannabinoids possible from your weed. Having it pre-ground makes it easy to measure and add to any cannabis infusion recipe.


Perhaps the best part about buying milled weed is that it costs even less than buying whole buds of flower.

Seven-gram packs of milled flower start at under $20 with Spark Perks, and go up to $28. That’s $4 a gram — maximum — for top-quality bud, with none of the hassle. 

If you’re skeptical of the quality, just check out the reviews:

“My favorite bud on the market.”

“I wasn’t expecting much and got very pleasantly surprised.”

“Love it! Love it! Love it!!”

What is the Best Milled Flower to Buy?

Shred is the O.G. when it comes to milled flower. Though they’ve since expanded into pre-rolled joints and gummies, their top-shelf milled cannabis is still among the best. 

Shred sells three strains, all carried by Friendly Stranger. Not to be outdone, Pure Sunfarms and Back Forty also make seven-gram bags of milled flower. 

Here are a few of our favorite milled flower products to snag. 

Tropic Thunder Milled Flower by Shred – 7g

Tropic Thunder (18–24% THC, 0–1% CBD) is mellow and moderate, despite being a sativa-dominant strain. 

Its super-colourful buds and electrifying aromas hail from the Maui Wowie family. The citrus and tropical smells hit your nostrils right off the bat, thanks to dominant terpenes of terpinolene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

A seven-gram bag has special pricing with Spark Perks. That goes for Shred’s Gnarberry and Funk Master milled flower too. Check them out here

Pink Berry Milled Flower by Pure Sunfarms – 7g

Pink Berry (18–24% THC, 0–1% CBD) is a hybrid of Pink Kush and other berry-forward strains. 

The top flavours include berry (obviously), as well as spice and pine. The sticky bud, grown in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, is coarsely ground for a perfectly chunky mix.

And Pure Sunfarms even includes a unique fold-over lid that doubles as a rolling mat.

Big League Sour Kush Milled Flower by Back Forty – 7g

Big League Sour Kush (16–21% THC, 0–1% CBD) has a slightly lower THC concentration for a chiller smoke that’s easier for beginners to handle. 

The strain is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Careful, this one’s stanky — it hits your nostrils with a delightfully potent, sweet citrus scent. It tastes like citrus, too, with hints of garlic. It’s better than it sounds, trust us. 

With Spark Perks, you can get your hands on a seven-gram bag for a special Member Price. Grab some papers and a lighter for your smoke sesh while you shop — Spark Perks members get 20% off on accessories at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Milled Flower Cost?

Friendly Stranger sells seven-gram bags of top-quality milled bud for between $20–28 — or even less with our free Spark Perks program. That works out to $4 per gram, or less.

Is Shred Shake?

Cannabis brand Shred makes all its milled flower from ground-up buds — never sticks, trim or shake. The even grind is perfect for joints, bongs, vapes, or homemade extractions and infusions.

What Strain is Milled Flower?

Milled cannabis flower comes in many different strains. Friendly Stranger carries a bunch, including Funk Master, Tropic Thunder, Gnarberry, Pink Berry, and Big League Sour Kush.