Cannabis May Be Good For Alzheimer's

Yes you read that correctly. Researchers in the UK will be conducting a study with diagnosed Alzheimer's patients and a cannabis infused oral spray called Sativex. Men and women between age 55 and 90 will receive either Sativex or a placebo in order to study its effects on aggression, anxiety, and paranoia.

Of the two primary active ingredients found in cannabis, CBD is the one without psychoactive properties. Alternatively, THC is the ingredient that provides the ‘high’ that cannabis is most known for and the likely culprit for any temporary forgetfulness that some cannabis consumers report. Though Sativex researchers aren’t expecting to find any regression to the Alzheimer patients’ memory loss, this cannabis derivative containing a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1 could greatly reduce the behavioral and psychiatric symptoms of dementia.

The sudden realization that you don’t know who you are, where you are, or any of the people around you is a frightening thought to consider so it’s understandable that the reaction to these episodes is most often negative. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that Sativex is a suitable treatment; aggression, anxiety, and paranoia are all symptoms that cannabis researchers have already found to be effectively treated with cannabis.

The study will begin in September of this year and we’re hoping that CBD infused medicines are discovered to be an ultra-effective medicine for people diagnosed with this heartbreaking disease. From drastically reducing seizures to curing specific types of cancer, what can’t this newly legalized wonder-plant do?