The Cannabis Connoisseur, The Life Coach & The Real Housewife

A great podcast about cannabis with some great guests and information. Tune in with the link below.

The Shaun Proulx Show takes you higher as we learn about terpenes and dab rigs as a young chemist takes us through the cannabis equivalent to a wine or scotch tasting.

Then, transformational expert Suzan Galluzzo shares her inspiring personal transformation story with advice for you if you’re looking to butterfly it out of your cocoon. 

And Shaun gets called “Shady Shaun” by the delightful Tanya Sam of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she hits the studio all impeccable and finds him bearing the gift of cookies. RHOA fans will get the joke, and everyone will love this chat about how the Canadian born Housewife is representing Canada in America.