Top 5 Tips for First Time Harvesters

If you’ve been growing your own cannabis for a while now, it’s that time of year again. If not, congratulations on you very first harvest!

Cannabis Flower

Let's be real, you’ve probably done your research or maybe you’re fortunate to have the help of an experienced friend or a growing service like U Bud. So we scoured the internet looking for the best tips, tricks and important reminders to elevate your harvesting experience and overall yield. Here's some stuff that you might not know...

#1. Flush your plants

Flushing cannabis

This has become a standard practice throughout the growing community but just in case you’re not aware, don’t forget to use untreated water to wash out any nutrients you’ve used during your grow. You can begin flushing your plants in the last week or two before harvesting.

#2. Time to harvest

Harvesting Cannabis

If you’re not 100% sure if your plants are ready for harvest, take a look at the hairs sticking out of the flowers (pistils). If half are sticking up and the other half are dark and curly, it’s harvesting time.

#3. Fan leaves vs Sugar leaves

Sugar Leaves

The fan leaves are the big iconic looking ones that grow from the branches of the plant. Sugar leaves are the small ones that grow within the flower (bud). Sugar leaves have a higher concentration of trichomes compared to the fan leaves. Its best to trim your fan leaves first before harvesting the plant. Trim your sugar leaves over a tray so you can collect them and use them for extracts and/or edibles.

#4. Pest control

Pest control

A good time to check for last minute pests and mold is when you begin trimming off your branches. It’s difficult to get a good look at these nuisances when the plant is all in one piece. Check each branch carefully before bringing it to your drying room.

#5. Drying your branches

Cannabis coat hanger

Most dry rooms are set up with a close line style twine for hanging each branch. If you’re short on space, use a coat hanger. Hang your branches on the hanger and the hanger on the line to maximize your drying space.

Honorable mention

#6. Wet trimming vs Dry trimming

Cannabis trimming

Your branches are hanging to dry and now comes the ultimate decision, “Do I trim them now or should I wait for them to dry?”. There’s really no wrong choice here, as we always say different tokes for different folks. 

Trimming wet is easier for accessing your sugar leaves that extend outward when they’re moist. Some say trimming wet results in a more aesthetically pleasing bud. Wet trimming will speed up your drying process as well but it’s a stickier situation...literally.

Dry trimming is traditionally done a week or so after the branches have been hung (depending on humidity). Your trimming shears will prefer dry trimming because it’s less sticky but you may find the trim more challenging since the sugar leaves will be less exposed.

Happy harvesting friends!
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