Consumption Methods

Smoking dried flower is by far one of the most well known ways that people consume cannabis, but there are many different forms of cannabis to enjoy and many different ways to enjoy it. 


Cannabis Flower is harvested then dried & cured to be safely consumed with a variety of different smoking and vaping accessories.

Available Products

Dried Flower  • Hand-Milled  • Pre-rolled


Cannabis Extracts (concentrates) are a highly potent solid/liquid form of cannabis created by separating the active ingredients and terpenes from the flower for smoking and vaping.

Available Products

Wax  • Shatter  • Rosin • Kief  • Hash • Oil


Orally-consumed cannabis that is digested before entering the bloodstream. It can take up to 90 mins to kick in, just as long to reach its peak, and often lasts much longer than all other consumption methods.

Available Products

Beverages  • Chocolates/Baked Goods  • Gummies/Candy • Gel Caps



Cannabis infused products that are absorbed into the bloodstream, when held under the tongue or applied directly to the skin/nails/hair. This makes them more fast-acting than edibles.

Available Products

Oil Drops  • Oral Sprays

 Oral Spray

Onset, Peak, and Duration

Just as there are countless strains of cannabis, there are many ways to enjoy the plant for its effects. The most popular are Smoking, Vaping, Ingestion & Sublingual

Onset, Peak, and Duration

*Onset, Peak, and Duration times are approximate and may be up to 50% faster or slower



Onset ~10mins  •  Peak ~30 mins  •  Duration ~3hrs


Onset ~10mins  •  Peak ~30 mins  •  Duration ~3hrs


Onset ~60mins  •  Peak ~180 mins  •  Duration ~6hrs


Onset ~45mins  •  Peak ~60 mins  •  Duration ~4hrs


*Onset, Peak, and Duration times are approximate and may be up to 50% faster or slower