Skunk Lil Stick


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The Skunk Lil Stick Deluxe Vapor Pen Kit comes with a cartridge for every need. You get one cartridge for Dry Herbs,one for Wax / Concentrates and one for E-Liquids/Oils. The battery is small enough to carry around and has the skunk brand mascot printed above the switch. For whatever your vaping needs the Skunk Lil' Stick can fit the bill.

Kit Includes:

1 X Battery
1 X USB Charger
1 X Skunk Dry Cartridge
1 X Skunk Clearomizer E-Juice Cartridge
1 X Skunk Concentrate Cartridge for Wax

Please note: Friendly Stranger considers pen vapes to be a form of electric pipe, and not a true vaporizer.  They function well, deliver a fine smooth pull, but in the end there is no plant matter left. True vaporizers do not burn and leave behind dried herb not ash.

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