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Tangerine Dream - San Rafael '71

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Spark a Friendship

Let your friends know you're thinking of them. Help combat loneliness during this social distancing with an online session. Spread love not germs!


Digital Spliff

Looks like the joint went out.

Pass the Digital Bong instead!

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Digital Edible

Oops! Ate the last piece.

Pass the Digital Bong instead!

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Digital Bong

Pass the Digital Bong

Click link, download video, then repost!

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Friendly Tunes

Our favourite office DJ curated these playlists for specific strain varieties.

Sativa: Eclectic Pop - Music inspired by the creative energy of a high THC Sativa strain. Bonus burnout track included!

Hybrid: Chill Electronic - Music inspired a perfectly balanced Hybrid strain. It's chill but not too chill.

Indica: Slow Grooves - Music inspired by the deep and soulful feeling of a CBD rich Indica strain.

Past Events

Burlington Friends & Family Event

The pre-launch party for all of our amazing new Burlington staff. The whole team was there. Mom approves! 

London Friends & Family Event

The pre-launch party for the first of our brand new licensed stores. The cake wasn't infused but there was definitely enough cannabis there.

Pumpkins in the Park

We held a pumpkin carving hang sesh at Trinity Bellwoods back in October. Found a word that rhymes with orange but no one could remember.

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