How to Pay using Interac E-Transfer

If you do not have a credit card, or wish to pay with cash, you can send us an Interac E-Transfer.

Complete an order on our webshop, and check out selecting Interac E-Transfer as the payment method. Then, once your order has been placed, you will receive a copy of your order by email which shows the final order total for your order.  

Sending an Interac E-Transfer is really easy to do:

1 - Log into your personal online banking service.

2 - Select your Payments option.  

3 - Select the link to "Interac E-Transfer" (all major banking institutions in Canada have this feature).

4 - Enter the Order Total amount, use as the email address.

5 - The account is set up to automatically accept so feel to create any password you'd like, we won't need it.

6 - Click send.  Your payment will be on it's way. 

** Please remember to complete your order on the webshop first! **

We'll look after the rest.

Click Here for more information about Interac E-Transfer.