The Bong Code

Bong Code? Really?!
We sell a lot of bongs. We see a lot of people coming back to us to replace their broken bongs.
We learned that broken bongs were usually caused by careless friends, pets, or alcohol consumption. Sometimes it was a mix of all three. After discussing this issue with hundreds of people, we decided it was time to create a bong code. Six simple rules, that if followed, will ensure the maximum enjoyment and life from your favourite bong.
The Bong Code
No Tapping of Glass Bowls.
No Stale Smoke.
Finish What You Pack.
Use Fresh Water for Every Session.
Clean the Bong Regularly.
No Leaving the Bong where it can be Kicked or Knocked over.
These seem obvious right?
You would be surprised how many people don't follow the code!
If you want a truly enjoyable experience, and wish to keep your bong intact longer, then Follow the Bong Code.
No Tapping of Glass Bowls
Glass becomes more fragile when it is hot.  Never tap your glass bowl against anything! Use a pipe cleaner, a wooden match stick or poker, or blow through the stem to clear the bowl.  
No Stale Smoke
Always clear your bong, never leave smoke behind.  Smoke is always smoothest when it's fresh.  If you can't clear your bong, then pack smaller bowls.  Never hand someone a bong with stale smoke in it, as the bong will be harsh and raunchy.  
Finish What You Pack
This isn't a challenge!  Prepare the right size bowl, so that you can finish it completely.  This prevents re-lighting a bowl, which detracts from the flavour.  The first pull is always the freshest and tastiest, never pass a bong with a bowl that has already been previously lit.  Everyone in a group should have the fresh bowl experience.
Use Fresh Water for Every Session
We're not saying change the water every bowl!  But always start a fresh session with fresh water. It only takes a minute to empty out the stale water and replace it with fresh.  It makes a huge difference to the overall experience.  There's nothing worse than someone handing you a bong with water that hasn't been changed for a week, that's just nasty.  
Clean the Bong Regularly
Regular cleaning is easier cleaning.  The longer you wait between cleanings, the harder it will be to clean.  To make life easier, empty the water out of the bong when putting it away for the night. Refill the water chamber with Resin Remover slightly higher than the usual water level, plastic wrap the top of the bong and the stem hole to prevent evaporation. Before the next session, give the bong a good shake, and then pour the Resin Remover into a sealable container and save for re-use. Give it a good rinse and add fresh water.  It only takes a minute or so, if you do it regularly. This prevents the nasty, hard to clean build-up that negatively affects the flavour and smoothness of your smoke. Another handy tip is to have a small sealable container of Resin Remover on hand to keep your bowl and stem in when not in use. Drop them in when you're finished for the night, and pull them out and rinse for your next session. This keeps your parts a lot cleaner and cuts down on the time it takes to do a thorough cleaning when the time comes.
No Leaving the Bong where it can be Kicked or Knocked Over
Sounds like a no brainer, it is.  Putting your bong down on the floor may feel safer than putting it on a shelf, but it's not.  You may know where you set it down, but your friend may not.  Many a bong has traveled across the room unexpectedly when a friend has come back from the kitchen with munchies. Pets are famous for knocking over bongs.  Designate a safe zone for the bong, and keep it there when not in use.  You'll always know where it is and it will be around a lot longer.