Potent. Pot.

San Rafael '71 is grass with roots to where it all began. We are an award-winning brand and one-stop shop for highly praised, premium, high-THC pot. Whether it’s our terpene rich strains, full flower pre-rolls, full-spectrum vapes, sweet and tangy gummies or flavourful concentrate, San Rafael '71 is high-quality bud for quality times.

Rise Flower

High-THC bud.

San Rafael’71 keeps it real from start to finish. With our industry leading genetics & breeding practices, hang drying and hand bottling produces nothing but award-winning strains. We offer bigger, high-THC, terpene rich bud that is stickier and ickier.

Full-flower pre-rolls.

It’s time to get away from the grind and unwind with help from our premium, full-flower, high-powered, pre-rolled joints. Always made with our legendary strains, never a blend, these doobs are the ultimate answer to the age-old question, “you got a joint?”.

Full-spectrum vapes.

Pure pot in every drop. San Rafael ’71 510 vape cartridges are the perfect THC delivery gadget for the frequent toker that contains distillate free, terpene-rich, full spectrum, CO2 extracted resin. Replaceable and cross-compatible, these vapes are compact, versatile, and offer a whole lot of possibilities.

Fruity gummies.

Chow down and chill out. San Rafael ’71 Gummies are chewy, fruity, and evenly dosed with full-spectrum, CO2-extracted resin from our top-shelf strains. Made with natural flavours and no artificial sweeteners that delivers nothing but big fruity flavour.